Annsleigh D. Thornton is a natural storyteller possessing an unyielding desire to create original, innovative content. An Atlanta, Georgia native, Annsleigh tells stories through written and oratory form with a strong connection to African American women and the plight of the Black community.

College Experience

As an adolescent, often more advanced than her peers, Annsleigh was admired by teachers and students alike. Annsleigh continued to experience academic success, ultimately excelling at the collegiate level. Once accepted into Spelman College she placed a great deal of energy into creative writing, theater, and a job with Clark Atlanta University Television. CAU-TV marked her first introduction to television production. While working for CAU-TV she served as the Co-Producer for a live news segment. Annsleigh provided a news source for over 8,000 local Atlanta homes. While covering events throughout the Atlanta University Center, Annsleigh utilized social media strategies to target a specific audience.

Black Entertainment Television 

While taping the live finale of BET’s Sunday Best All-Stars Annsleigh managed to lead the production team to success. She facilitated the day-to-day scheduling for celebrity show participants. This particular opportunity helped secure her position as a Television Producer for Creflo Dollar Ministries.

Content for Christ 

Serving as a Television Producer she created televised content for an international brand. She scheduled shoots, booked talent, formatted 30 to 60 second commercial scripts while creating contemporary ways to promote the ministry via social media. The content created is aired to over 246 countries and translated into 6 languages.

Bounce TV

Annsleigh’s role as Social Media Coordinator for Bounce TV granted her the opportunity to monitor social media interaction with viewers in real-time while editing clips and graphics for social consumption. She determined the best practices for optimized video content across social platforms while ensuring proper online messaging, relevancy and consistency across multiple networks. She managed branded online communities using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other digital platforms.

Creative Initiative 

In the midst of a hectic work schedule, Annsleigh makes time for personal projects and creative initiatives. She currently monitors a self-titled website, AnnsleighDenise.com, while hosting a YouTube show and an interactive podcast. She enjoys hosting in front of large audiences and acting in grassroots productions. Annsleigh recently worked as a production assistant for TI’s Trap Music Museum, 21 Savage’s ‘Motel 21’ Listening Experience, and social media star turned vocal artist Summerella’s music video ‘Do You Miss It’.

The Gathering Spot

Currently serving as the Communications Specialist for The Gathering Spot, Annsleigh is constantly seeking ways to create and promote content while instilling the importance of quality and creativity.