YP SOCIAL is an interactive brand geared towards the uplift and development of Young Professionals. Young Professional Social caters to those who are in need of professional guidance and encouragement, while focusing on positive attributes millennials have to offer.  The negative bias often projected onto millennials will be discussed, providing solutions to common generational issues. The YP Social content section will encompass positive stories and videos featuring millennials at their best. Motivational content will also be featured, majorly presented by vets in their respective industry. Those affiliated with YP Social are categorized as Young Professionals and/or Young Pro’s. Such persons can be identified as entrepreneurs, artists, corporate employees, and all other persons achieving their dreams at a relatively young age. If you believe you embody qualities worthy of categorizing yourself as a Young Pro, feel free to contact us. Tell us your story, and we’ll feature it here! Inviting the world inside your journey will help broaden your social outreach while increasing your fan base and/or supporters. Join us as we combine the worlds of news and entertainment with an irrefutable, inspirational millennial movement.