President Trump Declared a National Emergency

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The more ‘number 45’ appears in headlines, the more the world becomes immune to the irregularities of his presidency. President Trump has pulled several stunts in an attempt to please his supporters – including a government shutdown fueled by his desire to build a wall. Yes, the infamous wall – a concrete structure stretching more than 200 miles. But after congress refused to support the elaborate request, he’s been forced to settle for 55 miles of steel-post fencing – a $1.375 billion structure. But Trump had a trick up his sleeve: he signed a spending bill to keep the government running – but declared a national emergency in an attempt to pull funding from other departments to build his wall.

But a ‘national emergency’? Is it really that deep?

Declaring a national emergency grants access to clauses and funding that are only permissible “when the country is threatened by crisis, exigency, or emergency circumstances other than wars or natural disasters”. If Trump deems border protection an emergency, then that’s what it is. An unnamed congressional aid reports “he’s free to spend (money) without a vote from Congress… he has to notify Congress of what he’s done but he doesn’t have to come to congress to do it.” Basically: Trump declared a national emergency so he could build a border wall without Congress approval. 

This brash move affects the future of the presidency. If President Trump can call a national emergency when Congress refuses to side with him, does the president have too much power? Or is Trump simply discovering the loopholes in this country’s checks and balances. Spectators are certain the President will be met with lawsuits against his emergency, furthering the wedge between Democrats and Republicans. But number 45 has made a statement, and it’s possible his big budget wall will come to fruition without the help of Congress. 

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