Spotify Studios – Carving Spaces for Artists + Aspiring Creatives

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Spotify continues to infiltrate the culture, creating positive outlets for both consumers and creatives. As the company impacts the music world on a global scale, it understands the need for creative spaces that fuel the industry. A strong competitor in the world of streaming, Spotify makes a huge effort to tap into hubs that generate the very music it presents to the masses. Recognizing a direct connection between artist relationships, their music and the spaces they utilize, Spotify has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into studio development.

In relation to the company’s Secret Genius campaign – a movement highlighting the genius behind writers and producers – Spotify has developed four high quality studios in four pivotal locations. Recognizing each location’s relationship to music and their contribution to the social climate, the streaming company makes its mark in relevant communities. Spotify currently operates a studio in Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta, and London. The studios are beautifully designed and filled with high quality equipment. Not only are the studios lavish enough for celebrity artists, they’re open to the public.

In an attempt to stay ahead and within the loop, the company provides limited access for artists to record their own music. Each studio comes equipped with an on-staff engineer.

What feels exclusive is actually attainable. Persons wanting to utilize the studio simply fill out an application and await a confirmation via email. I recently experienced the studio at the Atlanta location. Hosted by LVRN – the space is home to Grammy nominated artist 6lack.

Conveniently located in the heart of Midtown, the studio itself is ducked off behind a metal gate. Parking is limited but two car spaces are permitted with each booking. You’re provided with an 8-hour time block and bottled water. If you’re in need of food employees will gladly make a run for you. Upon entering the building you’re greeted with plush greenery that scales an entire wall. The phrase “You’re safe here” gleams in ultra violet lighting. To the right is a full kitchen complete with bar stools and appliances. To the left, comfy couches.

As a guest of Spotify you’re directed upstairs to the second level. Your guide punches in the key code and voila, your very own studio space.

The lighting of the room is adjustable, setting the tone and energy for your session. The lighting ranges from a cool blue to a bright yellow. All necessary equipment is provided including a lounge space similar to that of a bed-like couch. Everything is high quality, from the microphone to the flat screen television. The pillows are branded, cute and plush.

I spent my time there contributing to song development for rapper Kasey Alease. We were productive and the space was inspiring. Located three minutes from Bar Taco, we celebrated the day with my fave selection of tacos.

Check out the photos below to get a feel for the experience and be sure to check out Kasey’s latest viral track, ‘I Love This Song’ featuring Shaun Kelly.

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