New Music: ‘Ghost’ x Jaden Smith

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Jaden Smith’s approach to music is a bit hit or miss. He received rave reviews for SYRE, a project in which he seemingly found himself, but there were a few holes in relation to artistry and self discovery.

Music must be molded and shaped into a concept of perfection and then prepped for global consumption. And with the release of ‘Ghost’, Jaden might be on his way.

His flow on this track is dark and the beat is reminiscent of the late XXXtentacion (or maybe the social media overload of X has embedded his sound into the brains of listeners).

The bars are catchy, relatable, snappy and filled with enough mentions of drip that Atlanta based rappers may gravitate towards the song. With bar after bar one can detect a Drake influence. But Jaden mentions Hov in the track, and recently detailed a conversation he had with the legendary artist:

“I decided to talk to Hov and he told me he thought the album was cool and he said as I got older I would space out my verses more and I’d say more with less […] That’s the total inspiration behind my next album.”

His tone is lazy as if the rhymes are effortless, but it’s obvious he’s put in work with the pen. And it’s apparent he took Jay’s advice. ‘Ghost’ is simple, yet hard.

Capitalizing off the Hip Hop scene in Tokyo, Japan, Jaden combines fashion trends with edgy natives in a colorful tech infused visual. Check out the video below and anticipate the release of SYRE: The Electric Album.

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