Finally – Travis Scott Drops a Visual for ‘Way Back’

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Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight¬†is a cohesive, well developed album. It still rides; despite the amount of time that’s transpired since its release. In what may be an attempt to direct energy back to the album, Travis Scott drops a visual for Way Back – a standout track on the project.

The video begins with a shot of NBA star James Harden digesting a flood of pop culture news. Ironically, each news topic pertains to his career and dating experiences. Harden is bashed for his efforts within the NBA and his failed Kardashian relationship on several mounted T.V. screens. We then cut to a shot of the hood. After acknowledging we’ve left the lavishness of an NBA pad and have entered the home of Scott, the mounted T.V. comparison is the most noticeable. Artistic and intentional, the mounted T.V. recreation in the shabbier home prepares me for what I assume to be a visual ride.

The next topical scene is James Harden pulling up to an empty gym to practice against himself. What better way to perfect your game than to play pick-up with your worst enemy?

We’re then introduced to a trippy visual of Harden floating upside down in the midst of a busy basketball court. His appearance in the video makes sense as we’re reminded of the song’s lyrics: “James Harden on the range with me n*gga way back”.

Once the tempo of the song shifts, our focus is directed back to Travis. We watch as he’s chaffered down a highway in a black convertible, legs sprawled across the back seat. Simple yet effective the Way Back video is just enough to grab and keep your attention.

Did you enjoy this visual? Watch below and leave your comments in the space provided.

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