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Teyana Taylor has mastered the art of rebranding, gaining a slew of fans and newfound supporters upon the release of Kanye’s Fade. Teyana, ironically dripping in sweat, danced aggressively in what appears to be a weight room sporting killer abs, an amazing ass, and perfect boobs. As viewers became transfixed by her killer bod they were then forced to celebrate the union between her and NBA hooper Iman Shumpert. This video alone, an ingenious plug by Kanye, created such a buzz around Teyana that the Super Sweet Sixteen star was forced back into the lime light. After riding the wave of her heightened popularity, Teyana is ready to release her latest single: Drippin’.

We watch as Taylor displays rhythmic dance moves yet again. But this time, the R&B crooner is covered in bright colored body paint and what appears to be chocolate. Struck by the sleek angles and curves of her figure, is anyone really listening to the song? As her body contorts into various positions, creating a very erie yet sexy vibe, a majority of fans will watch… and re-watch this vid just to get a better glimpse of her physique.

If you were able to focus on the audio, I’m sure you noticed the erotic lyrics and dope feature from the Migos. Teyana gives everything sex and lust while the Migos provide a masculine approach to intimacy.

There is one moment in which Teyana is clothed – but that white blouse does nothing in comparison to her paint themed birthday suit.

Thank you Teyana Taylor for the artistic, glitchy edits. She co-directed the video with Destiny Fulfilled Entertainment shooting a majority of the project inside her Atlanta based elevator.

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