Watch: ‘FWYB’ x K Camp

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K. Camp remains persistent – dropping catchy track after track while increasing his relevance within the industry. Connected to the trends of the time, Camp monopolizes off the hype surrounding curly haired models in scantily clad clothing.

While girls work tirelessly to increase their social media presence and brand influence, photo shoots are a must. Riding the new wave of social media propaganda the visual for F.W.Y.B. is both familiar and relatable. While women watching the video can relate to the main girl, men can fantasize about said main chick while absorbing the song’s simple lyrics. In a less poetic format, Camp is simply saying: leave your old dude for me; I have more money, more swag, and the ability to upgrade your lifestyle. The video, directed by Jakob Owens, is crisp and clean, encompassing a few creative touches that in turn modernize its look. Camp looks cool as ever dressed in what we assume to be a few designer labels and a pair of designer frames.

How geeked are you about the drop of ‘FWYB’? Check out the video below and leave your comments in the space provided.

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