News: Yeezy Cleats Banned by the National Football League

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Kanye West, the musical genius made popular by his random outbursts and indifference to public opinion, is determined to be a grand addition to the world of high end fashion. West relentlessly creates pieces that are not only fashionable, but a direct reflection of his desire for international recognition. His clothing – a hit or miss. But for most high end fashion goers, his sneakers are a must have.

Capitalizing off the popularity his sneakers have induced, Kanye has made an attempt to dominate athletic apparel, beginning with the NFL. Just in time for Football season, West released the Yeezy Cleat. Soon after their debut, strategically worn by Houston Texan DeAndre Hopkins, Yeezy cleats were banned by the NFL

The NFL states the cleats do not support the leagues uniform policy, and any athlete sporting the shoe will be fined $6000. DeAndre Hopkins was asked his opinion of the NFL’s decision, and smoothly stated he will not wear the cleats unless “Kanye wants to pay the fine.”

Is this an attempt per the NFL to stifle Kanye’s fight for creative freedom? Or is Kanye spreading himself too thin, allowing room for his music to suffer while he wallows in debt due to his unwavering desire to build a fashion empire from the ground up?

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