Video: ‘No English’ x Juicy J ft. Travis Scott

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Juicy J drops a visual for “No English” – his latest track featuring the crazed kid himself, Travis Scott. Combining hard core grunge with high fashion appeal, we watch bodacious strippers twerk alongside runway models, creating a diverse video full of various female aesthetics. As J and Travis rap about the various women they’ve “dated” – seemingly foreign without much understanding of the English language, they tap into a world most U.S. locals have yet to experience. Subconsciously and/or consciously eroticizing foreign women, Juicy J details the pros of dating outside your nationality.

Travis and Juicy also highlight the benefits of having non-English speaking homies. When approached by law enforcement, a simple “No hablá ingles” will often suffice. With mention of out of state travels, international excursions, and the need for translators, Juicy J and Scott convince listeners they’re “internationally known (on the microphone)” and possess an appreciation for all women.

The video is shot consistently in black and white laced with seductive imagery and risqué gyrating. As various languages appear across the screen you are introduced into a grungy underworld of models, strippers, drugs, and occasional explosives.

Check out the full length video below. Be sure to comment, share, subscribe, and purchase Juicy J’s forthcoming project Rubba Band Business: The Album set to drop Fall 2016.


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