New Video: ‘Pick Up the Phone’ x Travis Scott + Young Thug ft. Quavo

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“Pick Up the Phone” – Travis Scott + Young Thug ft. Quavo has rendered radio buzz for months now. The track will send the most nonchalant being into an intense bounce. The beat personally reminds me of the tropics, infused with Atlanta trap rhythms and enthusiastic adlibs. You can’t help but vibe to the works of Scott, Thugger, and Quavo, Hip Hop millennials with an undeniable reputation in the rap game. But just when you thought the song was enough, the Hip Hop triple threat dropped a visual. We watch a toddler cry while waiting outside of what seems to be a whore house. Inside the whore-filled home we spot a “zoned out” Travis Scott, Young Thug devouring chicken wings, and Quavo smoking what appears to be an illegal substance. We watch as women of Asian descent seduce the three super stars, occasionally interrupted by the presence of a Siamese cat.

pick up the phone2

The only phone present in the entire video belongs to a girl squatting on the toilet in a small bathroom. As she tries desperately to reach someone, Travis, Thugger, nor Quavo seem interested in a cellular device at all.

How much nudity can you digest? Check out the video below and see for yourself. Be sure to comment in the space provided.

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