MTV Drops Future Hendrix Mini Doc, “Future’s Reign”

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After three number one albums in the span of 7 months, Future Hendrix is undeniable. Hit after monstrous hit, Future has solidified his place within the rap world, demanding respect from Hip Hop head honchos and media gurus alike. As Future continues to dominate air waves, simultaneously packing out concert venues and arenas, the method to his (March) madness has been diagnosed and documented. MTV chops it up with the hitman himself, creating a mini-documentary detailing his radical life experiences. Appropriately titled Future’s Reign Future candidly makes mention of his life in the streets, his close relationship with his grandmothers and late aunt, and his distaste for California living.


After dedicating his life to the studio, Future has made the necessary sacrifices to impact music on a global scale. The amount of support stemming from his fan base is astronomical. The FutureHive, an imitative Hip Hop cult similar to that of the BeyHive, is loyal to a fault. Future recognizes his cultural influence and applauds himself on his ability to exist as “the wave”. Coining himself a rock star, he explains why he rarely removes his shades, and how his presence exudes a much different appeal than other rappers.  Check out a portion of the documentary below, and be sure to leave your comments in the space provided. Head over to for a glimpse of the full length mini doc.


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