Fashion: Air Force 1 Drops Luxury Textured Kicks

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The Air Force 1 sneaker holds a special place in my heart. As I approached the ninth grade the all-white Nike sneaker was a must have. I begged my parents to begin their shopping early due to the high demand and admiration surrounding the shoe. And ever since I rocked my first pair on the first day of high school, the classic all white kick demanded respect. Not only has Nike reintroduced the all-white sneaker to the adolescent Urban world, they’ve added a textured twist.

Maintaining its minimalist approach the Nike Air Force 1 has infused a premium scale skin, alluding to a luxurious, high profile feel. “Smooth leather accents” are also applied to the kick topped off with matching laces for a “stealthy” finish. The shoe released internationally at high end retailers such as Titolo, and will soon debut stateside in the coming weeks.

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