Kanye West Drops ‘Champions (Round & Round)’ – A High Energy Track Featuring 7 Hip Hop Superstars

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Kanye West consistently proves his validity to the world of Hip Hop. For some, this statement is undeniable. For those in full support of Ye’s musical drops and outrageous social media antics, Ye has never fallen short of their personal expectations. However, it can be argued Kanye’s focus on fashion and Reality TV popularity has skewed his disposition in the realm of music. Although die heart Pablo fans do exist, there are a large number of former devotees who sincerely “want the old Kanye back”. And as Ye develops creatively, it seems as though the college dropout we’ve all grown to love has chosen to supersede his past and create an entirely new identity. This is commendable, for all artists are meant to develop, offering musical sounds and collaborations we have yet to experience. And while some artists are applauded for remaining the same – consistently giving fans exactly what they expect with no real deviation from their notable flow and predicted punch lines – (Drake), Ye deserves to be applauded for his will to jump out and possibly… fail.  Pablo’s album sales weren’t that great, yet we can assume he’s surviving off the sales of his most recent Yeezy Boost shoe drop.

But if you weren’t really feeling Pablo and refused to purchase the album, indirectly affecting the livelihood of Mr. West, you might be obsessed with his most recent release “Champions (Round & Round)”.

Kanye West has single-handedly  combined 7 of the most relevant rappers to create one high energy track. Although Ye doesn’t spit too long, his creative efforts are obvious. The song features Travis Scott, Quavo, Big Sean, Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, and Desiigner, a plug for the South and a celebratory moment for  G.O.O.D. Music.

Much like DJ Khaled, West rounds up the hottest names in the industry to create one Hip Hop anthem. Big Sean and 2 Chainz provide notable punchlines while Quavo delivers a vigorous intro. Travis Scott sings the hook, Desiigner masters the adlibs, Yo Gotti provides a trap influenced drawl, while Gucci stands out as the most appreciated feature. Yes, we’re happy he’s home.

Check out the nearly six minute song below. Be sure to leave your comments in the space provided.


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