New Video: ‘Cross Me’ x Lil’ Wayne ft. Future & Yo Gotti

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No Ceilings 2 features a number of tracks highlighting Wayne’s ability to freestyle across popular beats, but the legendary rap artist made sure to drop some original cuts. One of the original songs featured on the project is “Cross Me”, a track detailing the scandalous acts of a former friend. Although the lyrics focus on the misdoings of a male acquaintance, the female lead of the video steals the show.

Wayne is seemingly dating a curly haired bombshell who appears to have the hots for his homie. With Wayne out of sight and the multi-level mansion free of visitors, the bombshell and the homie get it on. Unbeknownst to the snakey couple, Wayne has propped a teddy bear in the corner of the room, much similar to the one featured in The Wolf of Wall Street. This robotic-like teddy bear equipped with a security cam in place of an eye captures Wayne’s girl and his former friend doing the do. And of course, in gangster-like fashion, Wayne hires his crew of cut throat mobsters to kidnap his newfound foe and inflict violence upon him.

Check out the video below featuring a guest appearance from the Memphis god himself, Yo Gotti. Future obviously couldn’t make it to set, but make sure you leave your comments in the space provided.

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