New Music: ‘Trap Vibes’ x Meek Mill

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After the antics of OVO brand ambassador Aubrey Graham,  Meek Mill suffered what seemed to be an 8 month long Hip Hop homicide. As former Meek fans wallowed in the reality of his tarnished career, Drake kicked things into third gear, dropping hit after hit slandering the Philly native. As Meek battled to maintain his reputation, he endured Drake’s cheap shots like a true champion, ultimately waiting a few weeks to drop a creative reply. In the midst of all the lyrical back and forth, the numerous shots fired can get a bit confusing. Billboard did its due diligence and created a historical timeline of the never ending beef, a rap war that seems to continue with the release of Meek’s latest tack ‘Trap Vibes’.

Meek Mill strategically raps over Drake’s ‘Summer Sixteen’, then blends the track with one of Hip Hop’s latest and most controversial anthems, ‘Panda’ by Designer. The subliminal punch lines are obvious. It can even be argued that Meek’s choice to vibe over the ‘Panda’ instrumental could be a subliminal diss towards Future given Designer’s controversial comparisons to the Future Hendrix himself. Are we reaching? Check out the song below and leave your comments in the space provided.


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