DONDA Creates T.L.O.P. Jean Jacket

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We’ve watched Kanye grow from producer, to rapper, to mega style icon. And although his transition was far from seamless, DONDA has brilliantly sewn up a design that combines Ye’s love for music and fashion. During the making of T.L.O.P. Kanye managed to accumulate a number of high profile signatures on his track list notepad. Given the hype surrounding the signatures, art director and designer Joe Perez made it his mission to recreate the notepad on the back of a jean jacket. The jacket has not yet been released to the public, and has only been rocked by friends and family members thus far.

Did Kanye successfully intertwine his musical creativity with his passion for fashion and design? We agree that In the midst of twitter rants and outlandish verbal attacks, his yearning for creative freedom is unmistakable.

Check out the jacket below and leave your comments in the space provided.

Squad sheet signature jean jacket. #ifeellikepablo #yeezyseason #merch #thelifeofpablo

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