Newton Lands Role As Nickelodeon’s Newest Executive Producer

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Cam Newton has worked diligently to maintain his image on and off the field. After experiencing the loss of a lifetime (Super Bowl 50), he endured extreme backlash due to his immediate response moments after the game. Newton chose to remove himself from a scheduled press conference rather than endure painstaking questions about his performance. He was ridiculed intensely due to his decision, coined a “baby” and immature. The world expected him to sit peacefully and embrace the interrogation, but Cam’s emotions definitely got the best of him. But in the face of defeat, Newton still manages to overcome adversity. Newton has landed a television gig with the popular kid network Nickelodeon.

Nickelodeon announced that Newton will host and executive produce a show entitled “I Wanna Be”, a project geared towards developing the dreams of kids. Newton is scheduled to film a total of 20 episodes during his off-season, making sure to reinforce positive images and messages. The purpose of the project is to inspire the next generation, a much-needed vehicle for the struggling youth of today.

Newton made sure to explain that reality television wasn’t the route he preferred in regards to television production. He’d rather explore his youthful side and give back to the kids who admire him. “I love giving back and just seeing their faces and the energy they give off, which is reciprocated because I’m enjoying that as well.”

Cam believes he should leverage his super power aura and inspire children to discover the superpowers within themselves. “I’ve gotten the nickname Superman, SuperCam ever since I can remember,” says Cam. “And now I’m showing… to kids, you don’t necessarily have to be a football player, you don’t have to be a basketball player – but everybody has a superpower in them.”

Cam elaborates, understanding that youth may possess multiple inner strengths, “Your superpower may be drawing, your superpower may be being a teacher, your superpower may be… being a scientist or a doctor. Meeting new kids and trying to make them maximize their superpower is pretty cool.”

Cam hopes to influence the lives of youth and propel them along a journey that will ensure the fulfillment of their dreams. “I Wanna Be” is set to air sometime next year.

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