Music: “Cry Out (Amen)” – Lil Wayne

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After what appeared to be a slight musical hiatus, Wayne returns with a track comparable to anything but Young Thug-esque. In what we believe is an attempt to separate himself from the swagger jacking artist, Wayne re-drops  “Cry Out (Amen)”, a lyrical piece far too advanced for Thugger to duplicate. The track takes listeners back to 2006 when the song was originally released. Unmixed at the time, the lyrical piece never made it to an official project. Ten years later, the track’s producer StreetRunner, deems it perfect timing for the world to be reintroduced to OG Lil Wayne. “Cry Out (Amen)” is a bit nostalgic to say the least.

“Cry Out (Amen)” proves that Wayne is versatile in his musical approach, a form of versatility that supports the claim: Weezy is a Hip Hop legend. The track gives us sober Wayne, or at least a tad bit more sober than we’ve seen in the past. There are no sing-song rap lyrics, and each of his words are properly pronounced. He tells a deeper story, referencing trials and tribulations instead of cliché monetary splurging, diamonds, strippers, and flashy cars. The beat is melodic and subtle enough for Weezy to bring across a message. He makes mention of Katrina, white privilege, police indifference towards the black community, and the passing away of friends and family. Wayne even opens up about his bad relationship with his biological father, in turn, celebrating the presence of his mother.

Check out Wayne’s latest track below, and make sure to leave your comments in the space provided.

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