A3Conversation w/ Ryan Leslie + Jinx of Complex Magazine (RECAP)

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The A3C Festival is filled with entertainment pioneers and celebrity guests. A large number of these guests are allowed the opportunity to sit with fans and provide valuable information. Their conversations are usually geared towards artist development or career advancement. One of the most notable A3Conversations thus far is the entertaining sit down between Ryan Leslie and ‘Jinx’ from Complex Magazine.

A3C attendees were attracted to Leslie’s comfortable style, and elated to witness the very approachable Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins. While the audience seemed amazed by Leslie’s presence, bloggers, entertainment news commentators, and Complex Mag junkies flocked to the stage to snap photos of ‘Jinx’ – the media maven. The Jersey born interviewer greeted the Harvard Graduate interviewee with much respect and admiration. The entire audience admired Leslie’s immediate decision to encourage the independent artist and to elaborate upon fan involvement. Each person in the room felt his love and appreciation for their attendance, as well as the humbleness behind his words. Not only did Leslie make those in the audience feel important and necessary to the continuation of the music industry, he let it be known that their voice is the most important, and not those of corporations profiting off music deals and radio airplays. After experiencing an “okay” run with single drops and album releases, Leslie understood he had vocal talent, but his core issue was his ability to appeal to a targeted fan base. Ryan Leslie details the importance of creating remedies for your own problems, venturing into his company Disruptive Media. Leslie explains the need for an immediate pipeline between him and his fans. He also discloses intriguing information about Disruptive Media’s product – the Super Phone – a mobile app strengthening fan to artist communication.

Not only were we blessed with the knowledge of his self-made business and his most recent addition to the app store, Ryan Leslie also dropped an accompanying ten minute documentary highlighting the creation and necessity of Super Phone. Videography is nothing new to Leslie, leaving the audience consistently engaged. Leslie’s multi-dimensional personality and need for several creative platforms was greatly appreciated.

Ryan Leslie was not only generous with his time, business tools, and inspirational dialogue; he is open to outside involvement regarding the expansion of his company. He states that he is not the only artist permitted to utilize the benefits of his business; other artists are able to join the movement and become active clients. Choosing to open his product for the masses, Leslie believes it is imperative to not only build relationships but to be confident within them. You must constantly work at these relationships and allow each of your professional connections to thrive.  He suggests calling valuable contacts in your phone, hence his extreme yet ingenious marketing ploy to provide his actual phone number to the public. Undeniably phenomenal, Leslie could easily remain relevant through music, but he understands his purpose and potential will land him at a much higher plateau, and has chosen to delve into business and app development.  Ryan Leslie’s openness, delivery, and approachable spirit made for an awesome interview session. So awesome, the crowd erupted with a standing ovation.

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