Jet Life + Taylor Gang Get Together for 1st Time in a Year at A3C ’15

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After a year of musical separation, Curren$y’s Jet Life and Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang join forces at the 2015 A3C Festival and Concert. Creating a genre of music often referred to as Hippie Hip Hop, Curren$y and Wiz might have single handedly increased the usage of marijuana on a national scale. Their past collaborations include How Fly, a symphonic 15 track mixtape detailing adventures induced by drugs and alcohol. They continued to fuel their success, dropping the EP, Live in Concert, sometime after. Their seemingly chill approach to music creates a high-like feeling for fans, casting listeners into an alternate world where weed and partying is a means of normality. Their music has often been described as tranquil and melodic, possessing semi-complex beats and catchy lyrics. Their partnership is fun and entertaining, playing off the interests of a care-free generation focused on its next hit (pun intended).

When together, Wiz and Curren$y revitalize a subculture. Their popularity lives on through an underground audience who can still remember the intensity of tracks like, “Car Service”, “The Check Point”, “The Planes” and “In The Middle”. Their collaborative efforts made a musical dent in the year 2009, hence the title of their latest mixtape.  Talk surrounds the release date of #2009, but the two artists have yet to disclose much information concerning the project. Wiz chatted with MTV News’s Adam Fleischer some time ago, hinting towards the full development of the project and releasing it the “right” way.

We at A3C are crossing our fingers, hoping we’ll get the scoop on the long awaited legendary collab. Just in case the two label owners perform a few songs during their set, check out these most recent tracks. You don’t want to be on the only new-age hippie out of the loop when these two songs hit the amplifiers.


“Weed Nap” – Curren$y + Wiz Khalifa


“Uber Driver” – Curren$y + Wiz Khalifa


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