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The FADER partners with Sprite to deliver an installment highlighting the thoughts of legendary rapper Nas. Just over two and a half minutes, Nas drops valuable knowledge on his ability to stay focused within the complex world of Hip Hop and entertainment. His mindset is embodied through his chill yet cognizant demeanor, dishin’ out gems as if he’s got all the keys to success. He admits he believed he’d be great at anything he placed his energy into whether it’d be screen play writing or owning a business. His yearning for success began at the tender age of ten and since then, he’s been channeling his passions through creative art forms.

Not only is this two minute conversation with the Illmatic curator inspirational, it’s a definite reminder of how far heart and determination can take you. Nas reminds you to “Push yourself all the way” and, “Don’t obsess over what someone else is doing.” In a world where instant success appears to be so attainable, and the obsession over social media gods is hauntingly real, it’s nice to hear a positive message that congratulates the hustlers and forward-thinking go-getters.

Check out the full length documentary above, keep watching for the previous interview with Drake, and let us know what you think in the comment space provided below.


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