Music: “Movin’ Bass” x Rick Ross ft. Jay-Z

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A crazy beat, much different than the base thumping instrumentals Rick Ross normally slays, makes “Movin’ Bass” a standout track. With a focus on wordplay the song offers a creative sound not often displayed by the Miami native. Encompassing a futuristic yet 80’s feel, “Movin’ Bass” invites Ross to show off his lyrical skill. Jay-Z partners with Ricky Rozay, providing a chill hook and opting out on an actual verse. The Rick Ross and Jay-Z collaboration is largely known for hit-making success, but the reaction to this intricate track will be interesting. Timbaland is the culprit behind this far out beat, proving that he’s still musically inclined.

A majority of listeners are in love with the track. But are they basing their opinion off the success of the indisputable collaboration? Let us know what you think in the comment space provided! Make sure to check out the track below, and cop Hood Billionaire when it drops this month – November 24th to be exact.

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