Interview: Trina Talks New Music & Her Relationship w/ French Montanna

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Trina dishes dirt on her intimate friendship with French Montana, and confirms details surrounding her latest single “F**k Love”. During an intense interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, the Florida native exposes the ups and downs of her situation with French. She tries her best to avoid bashing the producer, but elaborates upon his inconsistencies as a friend. Trina admits she went to great lengths to support him during the beginning of his career, but clears up things about them ever being in a committed relationship. She opens up about allowing him to stay in her home, and announces to the world, “I still have the key to [his] house.”  In regards to Khloe Kardashian, she makes a serious effort to refrain from mentioning the reality star’s name. Trina states she had no idea the Kardashian sister was dating French until their relationship garnered media attention.

In regards to her single “F**k Love”, the track has nothing to do with Montana. Trina hopes to one day separate her personal life from the lyrics in each of her songs.

Despite her Bad B***h appeal, Trina Rockstar enjoys cleaning, cooking, and spending time with a male confidant. While currently back on the market, she has high hopes for future companionship. Yee, Envy, and Charlamagne uncover the secrets of Trina’s love life, and feel obliged to assist in her search for Prince Charming. After vouching to hook Trina up with a “regular guy” they then ask her to take part in a game of F, Marry, Kill.

Let us know what you think about Trina’s roller coaster of a life. Will she ever find her own Happily Ever After? Watch the full length interview above and place your comments in the space below.

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