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K. Camp has certainly made a name for himself in the rap world. He is largely known for his chart topping hits “Money Baby” and “Cut Her Off”, two notorious club anthems that still reign today. Given his success, the Atlanta raised rapper has used his social appeal to add to his team of pioneering artists. Leader of the #SlumLords, K Camp has created a pretty solid entourage. One standout member of the K Camp clique is rising artist Dan Diego.

You may have caught some of Diego’s work on the mixtape SlumLords, including the song ”Down Bad”. But if this track slipped under your radar, Camp and Diego have launched visuals to accompany the hard-hitting number. As Diego reminisces over his times of struggle and hard knock past, K Camp lends him a verse reiterating similar harships. We are exposed to honest lyrics expressed over a thumping beat, and images capturing the morining (or afternoon) routine of Diego. Thanks to directors Travis Brown and Architeks, we get shots of scantily clad women by a swimming pool, and the daily hustle of selling the SlumLords mixtape.

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