Dom Kennedy Talks New Album w/ HotNewHipHop

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During his interview with HotNewHipHop Dom Kennedy makes mention of new music and the approaching release of a new album. Dom’s laid back demeanor takes over the interview as he explains remaining independent, East Coast food, and West Coast slang.

Dom talks laying the groundwork for an album before he began touring. And ever since the completion of his tour, he’s been stuck in the studio compiling quality work. Dom’s following has steadily increased, landing him a Nike campaign and a solid fan base. He interacted with a number of fans at the 2014 Howard Homecoming. Dom was pretty interested in the grouping of college kids and the organizations that planned the event.

Although Dom fails to mention an exact date for the release of his LP, he does confirm that the project will launch soon, “It’ll be soon. It’s not really something I plan on drawing out, it’s gonna’ be straight to the point like,  ‘this is what it is, this when you gunna be able to get it, and here goes a preview.” Dom hopes that this album will be “the best project they put out to date… [that] people respond to it and purchase it.”

Kennedy fans can now sigh with relief: Dom is back.

Are you excited about Kennedy’s jump back into the game? What do you expect from Dom”s promising LP? Place your comments in the space below, and watch the full interview in the clip above.

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