Tyler, The Creator Turns a Live Interview into an Unplanned Birthday Party

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Tyler, The Creator has made a name for himself as a rapper, fashion designer, comic, and overall, creative thinker. His colorful personality has granted him numerous opportunities, including the chance to star in his own show, as well as develop a very large and very loyal fan base. His popularity amongst teens landed him an interview with KTLA News, an L.A. based news show whose demographic was a bit unfamiliar with Odd Future. Not only was the show’s targeted audience introduced to Tyler and his many artistic accomplishments, they were also given a front seat to watch the “troll” in action.

Tyler begins the interview very seriously, discussing his career and the approaching date of the 3rd annualCamp Glog Knaw carnival. But suddenly, with no mention of this gesture to cast or crew, Tyler brings OF counterpart Jasper The Dolphin on set to help throw a “troll-inspired” birthday party. When asked who the party was for, Tyler simply replied “Everyone”. Complete with cake and confetti Tyler yells in joy, encouraging the cast to celebrate. Tyler does an amazing job of displaying both intelligence and creativity, while maintaining a few troll-like qualities. Check out the full interview above and place your comments below!

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