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Robby Takes Charge: 12-Year-Old Feeds Homeless without Government Funding

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Robby Elmers refuses to turn a blind eye to Detroit’s homeless. At 12-years-old, he dedicates his weekends to feeding a long line of homeless men and women. Using his own materials, Robby has singlehandedly impacted the lives of hundreds. Instead of splurging on video games and sneakers, Robby uses his Christmas and birthday money to improve the livelihood of a forgotten group of people.

As the homeless wrap themselves around a Detroit block, Robby is prepared to serve each of them one hot dog, potato salad, and other filling snacks. “These are my friends,” Robby told the Detroit News. “It makes me feel good to be able to help.” Robby developed a yearning to improve the lives of others after the passing of his father. This yearning was fueled after a trip to a local shelter. After dropping off clothes with his grandmother, Robby could not help but be moved by the people inhabiting the government funded space. At just 8 years old, Robby became determined to positively impact the lives of vagrant persons.

With the financial support of his grandmother and a few donations, Robby hopes to end the communal crisis that haunts Detroit’s inner city landscape. Despite politicians’ refusal to address the issue head on, The Tumaini Center for the less fortunate is happy to fuel Robby’s humanitarian efforts.

According to the Detroit Free Press Michigan has an estimated 20,000 homeless people. There are only a reported 1,900 shelter beds. But even without the political backing Robby will continue to make his table and hot dogs readily available to those in need.

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