If You Haven’t Heard It Yet, Amber Rose Files for Divorce

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TMZ has been moving quickly in relation to the developing story of Amber Rose’s split from Wiz Khalifa. The bodacious babe no longer wants to remain married to the popular rapper, and hopes to receive full custody of their son Sebastian. TMZ claims the couple separated due to “irreconcilable differences” within their relationship. Although Amber is fighting for full custody, she does plan to allow her future ex-husband to visit with their son. The couple has been married over a year now, and sources aren’t exactly sure of what caused the official split. TMZ suspects infidelity, even going on to say that Nick Cannon might be the reason behind the unexpected break.

Amber Rose recently signed to Cannon’s music label Ncredible, and was featured in his latest film School Dance. One source told MTO that “Amber has had a crush on Nick since forever. He was like a mentor to her, and I think she fell in love.”

Despite the circulating rumors Nick Cannon swears he had nothing to do with Amber’s decision to divorce the father of her child. Hopefully the truth will reveal itself as the story continues to unfold.

Did you expect Wiz and Amber to last forever? Or were you awaiting the day their romance would end? Tell us how you feel about the break up! Place your comments in the space below!


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