Hip Hop Heavyhitters Positively Impact “Chi-Raq”

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Due to the city’s high crime rate and confirmed toxic environment, the infamous town has been nicknamed ‘Chi-Raq’, a classless attempt to compare the murder rates of Chicago, Illinois to the deaths accumulated during the Iraq war. Aware of the city’s negative plight, and unfortunate representation through media based outlets, Chicagoans Common and Kanye West are putting forth major effort to turn their home city around. Utilizing their influence within the Hip-Hop community, West and Common have joined forces to create opportunities for Chicago teens. These two iconic rappers, in conjunction with Chicago’s Urban League, will bring 20,000 jobs to the inner city streets of Chi-Town. Each rapper will attain resources from their own organizations, including Common’s Common Ground and Kanye’s DONDA.While adolescents represent the city’s targeted group for crime and high volume murders, there still remains a number of teens interested in a better life for themselves, as well as those around them. In an interview with Poppinglines.com, Common goes into detail about Chicago’s youth. He strongly believes that although targeted, Chicago teens possess a willingness to work and succeed within a professional environment:

“Obviously, one of the biggest reasons our kids are going through what they’re going through is because of poverty. I was doing an event in the neighborhood and there were some kids from Englewood and I said, ‘Man, what do y’all really need? What’s gonna stop this?’ And they were like, ‘We need money. Man, if we could work.’ They want a chance.”

Details have not yet been confirmed about the opportunities set to be created. However, it has been established that programs such as these are necessary to encourage change within Chicago, and other crime infested cities alike. As Chief Keef continues to promote violence through his music and every day actions, those influenced by his songs will continue to struggle both mentally and financially. Help combat teen mental destruction, community violence, and societal representation of African American youth by supporting positive movements such as these, and other positive reconstructive movements world wide.

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