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Denzel Washington Preaches Discipline and Consistency

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Denzel Washington speaks to a group of aspiring actors, encouraging each of them to chase their dreams relentlessly, while maintaining a logical understanding of goals and application. The hopeful actors watch in awe as Washington expresses empowering statements he believes will aid in their success. Dressed in an Adidas sweat suit and fitted cap, Denzel blends in amongst the crowd despite his advanced financial state and undeniable stardom. The small crowd cheers in enthusiasm at Washington’s first affirmation, but is soon quieted by his desire to continue preaching and/or teaching. Compelling statements such as, “You already have it, claim it” echo across the stage, and linger on the mind of each listener.

“Dreams without goals remain dreams… and ultimately fuel disappointment,” states Washington, presenting life lessons that can be applied to all career paths. He believes dreams cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency, and that every person should follow that “itch” towards their true desires.

Denzel appears to speak from the heart, from experience, and with emotion; even intertwining comedic relief into his approach. He concludes his speech by humbling his existence, “I’m just one of y’all, I’m just another actor on the stage,” and reminding his audience to focus on the good their talents can produce, “It’s not what you have; it’s what you do with what you have.”

Were you moved by Denzel’s speech? What was your favorite affirmation? Comment in the space below.

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