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Declaring Your Dreams. Morris Chestnut Shows You How!

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Morris Chestnut is an established actor, well-known for his talent on and off screen. But despite his extensive career on camera, he has decided to make a major shift in production roles.

Introducing a company funded video series entitled, “Through a Black Lens”, Morris Chestnut promotes dream chasing and dream actualization. Funded through American Family Insurance, Chestnut motivates and inspires viewers, while encouraging each of them to develop a plan of action. This video series documents Chestnut’s own dream to jump behind the camera. He tells the world he is now switching gears, devoting his full time and energy to mastering the art of film directing. He confesses he has always possessed a “burning desire” to transform from an actor to a renowned movie director. His decision to alter his career path after such an established run in entertainment is an example of how true desires will never leave the heart of the dreamer.

Transitioning to a new role in production (and in life) can be uncomfortable, frightening, and intimidating, but Morris provides a sound proof plan that will fuel the dreams of many.

This video in particular discusses the importance of declaration. Morris states that he “had to declare [his dream],” and advises viewers to “let everyone know exactly what you want to do.” He stresses the importance of being “a man or woman of your word” and following through with your plan of action. “Do whatever you have to do to get it out of your head into the world,” states Chestnut. “Tell yourself, tell your friends, tell anyone who will listen. Write it down.”

“Declare” is the first video released in conjunction to the One Step Closer, “Through a Black Lens” blog series. Join Morris Chestnut as he embarks upon his journey to new career heights.

This story is also featured at ChampionDreams.com.

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