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Champion Dreams Productions Prepares Food for Hundreds

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May 18th, 2014, Champion Dreams Productions took the initiative to impact their Atlanta based community by devoting a day to community service. The Hosea Feed the Hungry Non-Profit Organization welcomed the team with open arms as they packed and prepared sack lunches for hundreds of homeless men, women, and children. Public Relations coordinator, Reggie Stephens, made sure the company was well represented. Handling all community servive outreach initiatives, Stephens registered the team, enforced the importance of timeliness, and made sure all tasks were completed in preparation for the next working shift. A set of four vibrant team members joined Stephens in his pursuit.  Ashley Carroll, Danielle Johnson, Jasmine Matlock, and Fred Watson began their volunteer experience at 9:00 A.M. and worked well into the afternoon. Located on Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard of the downtown Atlanta area, Hosea Feed the Hungry opened its doors to several displaced and less fortunate persons, and Champion Dreams Production took part in feeding each and every one of them. Hosea Feed the Hungry is open all year long, providing human services each week. Volunteers work free of charge and willingly support over 50,000 individuals a year. Hosea Feed the Hungry provides organizations with the food and supplies they need to help the communities they serve. If you would like to join Champion Dreams Productions in future community service programs please view our homepage for contact information.

This story is also featured at ChampionDreams.com.

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