12-Year-Old Tommy Talks Money Management

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Everyone wants to be a millionaire, but 12-year-old Tommy is in route to become one. Accumulating $2000.00 in savings from self-created jobs and small businesses, the 12-year-old money maker is now interested in expanding his cash-flow. More focused on monetary development rather than frivolous spending, the pint-sized financial guru contacts money expert Clark Howard to discuss his financial future. “I wanna’ be a millionaire,” says Tommy, “and right now’s a good start.” His enthusiasm is undeniable as he expresses his desire to own his own business, and watch his money get “really big”. Tommy takes pride in managing the sales at his mother’s book signings, and providing clients for his sister’s dog walking service. He has worked consistently since the age of 8. Clark Howard introduces Tommy to the term mutual fund, encouraging him to place $1000.00 into a mutual fund account.  Tommy will then add money to this account, entrusting financial professionals to manage his revenue. Money management is difficult for most Americans. It is often tough for U.S. citizens to curb the urge to spend, focused on the latest model rather than the depleting numbers in their savings account. Income versus necessary expense is one thing, but excessive, illogical, and unreasonable spending is another. Clark Howard commends Tommy on his work ethic, and lack of desire to spend cash. Tommy works all the time to support his dreams that will soon manifest from his own labor.


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