Migos Presents, ‘Trap Musical’

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The three member group Migos has dominated the urban rap scene, beginning with their debut hit “Bando”. Since their musical emergence the three compadres have released track after track, refusing to let up on the music scene. After “Versace” peaked at number 99 on Billboard’s Hot 100, the group has experienced insurmountable success. Collaborating with several highly acclaimed artists such as Drake, Justin Bieber, R. Kelly, Busta Rhymes, Wiz Khalifa, Future and B.O.B., the start studded trio has decided to release a mini movie detailing their journey to fame. The group is fully invested in the drop of a mini trap musical, and will use their hits to produce a soundtrack. Partnering with creative director Rik Cordero, the short film is entitled Bando. The mini movie is based off their actual experiences in Atlanta, Georgia. The young artists speak with Complex about the release of this project:

“We had a different ambition, we had a different way and we always got money,” Quavo told Complex. “We always trend set… But we came back up all together and all together we winning. This is how it all started.”

Check out the trailer for Bando and post your comments below!

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