Innovative Hair Coloring Continues: Chalk as a Colorant

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Color options for hair dye are becoming more animated, spiking the minds of women around the country. With each evolving trend, hair queens are pushing the envelope in discovering how they can achieve vibrant hair flare! Two methods of temporary hair color popularized through Youtube videos include “Chalking,” and applying coloration using creamy eye shadow. Creamy eye shadow often retains moisture while chalk may dry out the hair. Vloggers suggest that first time “chalkers” use oil and hair moisturizer as a base.

Youtube vlogger Gloria Ann demonstrates how to color your hair using Artist Loft’s assorted chalk. Gloria emphasizes that her technique will not dry out your hair, inadvertently hinting that women who used chalk to color their hair did experience dryness. She made sure to add a cream (Curl Enhancing Smoothie) and oil (Virgin Coconut Oil) to seal in the moisture of her hair. She then used Jamaican Black Castor Oil as her base. After the first application of chalk, Gloria Ann was rewarded with beautiful burgundy ends, as if she’d gone to the salon and asked for ombre tips!


Both options, using chalk and/or eye shadow, are well received by viewers. Which temporary coloration method do you prefer? What eye shadow or chalk brands have you used? Still scared of coloration? Let us know your thoughts in the comment space below!


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