David Banner Speaks Out – Social Injustice for Black Male Youth

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The horrendous events following the shooting and death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri has spread rampantly throughout social media and press related outlets. This unjust occurrence has caught national attention, upsetting both local civilians and celebrity personalities alike. As we follow the happenings of this incident through mobile applications, and information the national media chooses to release, popular persons have decided to take action. The opinionated Mississippi rapper and producer David Banner has utilized his appeal to express his views on the death of Mike Brown.

Before his appearance on CNN where he was invited to elaborate upon his views, Banner tweets, “When cops are wrong we get a lawyer. When cops think we are wrong they get the National Guard.”

In a key excerpt extracted from the interview Banner states, “White cops do not see value in young, black men. And the reason why a lot of young, black men – not all black men, kill each other is because they don’t see any value either. So many people have bought into this Americanized system and America historically has always tortured, killed, and enslaved black people. And I have not forgot that. So, in me saying that there’s a reason why we don’t see value. But it’s different because cops are paid to protect us.”

Banner’s psychological approach to the tragic events that have taken place within the last week is an attempt to understand the cycle of violence embedded within America, but more particularly, urban communities. Banner believes that stereotyping and racism may just be the root of it all.

Check out the full length video of Banner’s video above, and state your opinion below.

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