Album Review: Blacc Hollywood x Wiz Khalifa

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Everyone’s favorite rapper turned rock-star is back with his 3rd major label album. After his merge with the Atlanta hipster scene on his Trap Wiz mixtape, Khalifa has reeled in his wilder side momentarily to give us Blacc Hollywood.  Although it was announced over a year ago, Blacc Hollywood stills feels like a fresh offering from Wiz. What gives this album such a modern appeal is the record’s ability to fit right in with Trap Wiz. 14 songs in total, Blacc Hollywood’s year-long preparation still reflects new age sounds of today.


Blacc Hollywood starts with “Hope”, featuring a spoken word intro from Wiz’s right hand man Chevy Woods. Nearly two minutes into the record it flips into a warning about gold-diggers and attention seekers over an upbeat production and a splash of Ty Dolla $ign’s raspy vocals. Albeit a decent intro, the track leaves a lot to be desired.

Next up is the song that arguably ran a good chunk of the summer: “We Dem Boyz”. Khalifa’s stellar single is a nearly perfect alignment of his lifestyle and arguably the theme of the album. Fast forwarding down the tracklist we land on “House in the Hills” featuring Curren$y. Khalifa recruits Spitta for some cool “lifestyle raps” over a very mellow production, undoubtedly an attempt to appeal to his OG fans. Truly a blast from the past the chemistry on this record is grade A, making it one of the stronger records on the album. Next up is “Ass Drop”, a half-hearted attempt at a strip club record. It’s bubbly beat minimizes its chances to be played at your local strip bar, and while it fits in with the frame of the album, the production is just too happy-go-lucky for me. Its length, clocking in at just under 3 minutes, is the only detail preventing this song from being a “skip” record.

The next offering from Khalifa is “Raw”. A braggadocio laced, menacing production championing all leather outfits and the best rapper weed around, “Raw” is easily a standout track on the album. Complete with lines like “Got a house like Scarface’s, got a car that win races,” this track embodies boastful Khalifa at his best. Fast forwarding again we land at “So High” – another dope track featuring a more melodic Wiz and Ghost House. The chorus is amazing and the verses, although repetitive, are still decent.

Next up is “Still Down”, another record that might appeal to the core Taylor Gang fan-base. Wiz recruits Ty$ and Chevy Woods for a predictable but very good track. Ty$’s smooth vocals accompanied by dope verses from Chevy and Khalifa make “Still Down” a solid song. Skipping down to the closing feature “True Colors”, we get a verse from Nicki Minaj. Although a bit cartoony, the record feels earnest and true, and is a creditable note to end on (excluding the bonuses). We can thank Wiz’s creative hook for the seriousness of this track.

All in all Wiz Khalifa’s Blacc Hollywood is a concrete offering from an artist who has truly been all over the spectrum. Many may oppose Wiz’s musical approach, but it is safe to say that Blacc Hollywood is the best project of his major label studio albums. Make sure you check it out when it drops on 8/19/14.

My Rating: 7/10

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