Eye Shadow As Temporary Hair Color? Yes!

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Fighting the urge to indulge in vibrant hair color? Shying away from hair matrimony a.k.a. color commitment? Constantly admiring the rainbow locks of your fellow naturalistas, but too timid to join the fun? Dying your hair can be an emotional, stressful, and costly experience, but innovative minds have joined forces to create a do-it-yourself natural dye that seems far too easy (and way too inexpensive) to be true. 4C hair chick Luv Mika describes her impulse to color her hair in Youtube video, “Color Natural 4C Hair with Cream Eyeshadow”. In the midst of doing a twist out, Mika is inclined to make a sporadic decision to spice up her appearance.


“Although I wanted to color my hair, I wasn’t ready to commit to the entire process of using dyes or even henna,” Mika states in the vlog, sharing similar feelings with most of our readers. “I found a super easy, inexpensive, and most importantly temporary way to give my hair a vibrant color.”


Using cream eye shadow, Mika transforms the color of her hair right before our eyes (or at least through our computer screens). After applying Maybeline New York Color Tattoo by Eyestudio’s Painted Purple to her moisturized 4C hair, Mika is rewarded with a vibrant purplish-blue hue.


“I love the way the color came out,” states Mika as she twists her coils around her fingers. “It’s super vibrant and looks even better in the sun.”


Mika plans to try other vibrant colors offered by the Maybeline line. She makes mention of red and golden yellow colors, suggesting them as options for her viewers.


Thanks to Luv Mika, and other naturals alike, our kinky coils are now free to embrace the colors of the rainbow. Hair dye options such as these will hopefully minimize our fear of damaged, dry, and brittle hair due to coloration, as well as the dread of barren pockets.


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