Usher’s “Looking for Myself”, A Bid for Chart Topping Domination

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Usher has surpassed his R&B 90’s image, transitioning his music from sultry R&B singer to a world renown pop star. With his 7th EP Looking for Myself, Usher is attacking the Billboard charts relentlessly. In this EP, he details his search for self through a 14 track album. Encompassing everything from Motown rhythms to techno beats, Usher is fearless in his attempt to stay two steps ahead of the game. Taking risks, both sonically and lyrically, Usher pronounced the album as one of the best full-length offerings in his 20-year career.

Looking for Myself begins with “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”, a fun enthused beat rocking soundtrack that prepares listeners for the songs to come. Produced by Will.I.Am the beat is infectious, forcing any fan into a hard hitting head nod. The lyrics are simple, just as simple as the message behind the song: Usher’s plight to success can’t stop, and it won’t stop. A definite party track, this song is full of positive energy!

The album’s second feature, “Scream”, is not as good as its predecessor. You won’t remember each verse, but you’ll definitely belt out the chorus each time it comes around. The bridge displays Usher’s extensive vocal range while the lyrics are reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

Track four, “I Care 4 U”, intertwines 90s R&B and dubstep. This track creates a musical blend that can be compared to the creative works of The Wknd. “I Care 4 U” is not much of a single, but it’s a great addition to the album.

“Lemme See”, featuring hip-hop hard-hitter Rick Ross, is a definite radio banger. Infusing hip-hop and R&B, this track will surely entertain a male-based audience.

Despite “I Care 4 U”’s innovative sound, “Twisted”, track seven, may be the most creative single on the album. Usher partners with hit-maker Pharrell to create this beat enthused record. Promoting the feeling of a live 60s band, Usher pays tribute to the sounds that have come before him. Combining heavy percussions and brass breakdowns, “Twisted” can loosely be compared to Andre 3000′s “Hey Ya”.

“Lessons for the Lover” is the only song on the album that competes with “Climax” in production and deliverance. True R&B fans will be mesmerized within its first few seconds. With a pounding beat by Rico Love coupled with romantic lyrics, listeners are reminded of Usher’s platinum selling album Confessions.

The most controversial song, “Sins of My Father”, incorporates deep reflective lyrics that disclose the promiscuity of his biological father. Usher sings about the long-lasting effects of his father’s sins, and how he now battles with containing his own sexual urges. Usher mentions that his father was not around and, because of his father’s absence, he now struggles with sexual relationships.

Plugged’n counters this assumption, quoting this article precisely and then stating: “That message may well be in there, but it’s fairly challenging to [find] the meaning quite that precisely without outside help.”

“Euphoria”, the last song of the EP, is a true power anthem. Predicted to be an automatic sensation, “Euphoria” is set to be a chart topper across international billboards. This track supports Usher’s desire to reach new musical heights by leaving his R&B roots behind and attaining a new artistic plateau.

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